11 September, 2012

Black forest cake

 By Anncoo


Chocolate Sponge Cake
3 Eggs
20g Water
165g Optima flour
48g Melted Butter
1 tsp Vanilla extract
1/2 tbsp Chocolate paste
1/2 tbsp Chocolate emulco

Add eggs, water and optima flour and whisk at high speed till thick and fluffly then add vanilla extract, chocolate paste and chocolate emulco, mix well.
Lastly add in melted butter and mix well again.
Pour batter into a 8" round cake tin (lined) and bake in preheated oven at 180C for about 20-30 mins.
Remove sponge cake immediately from cake tin after baked and leave cake to cool then cut to 3 slices.

Mousse filling
60g Semi sweet chocolate - chop to small pieces
40g Whipping cream
100g Fresh topping cream and 85g Whipping cream

In a large bowl, chop semi sweet chocolate to small pieces. Boil 40g whipping cream and pour on to the chocolate pieces.

Use a hand whisk to stir chocolate cream till smooth or you can put the bowl of chocolate cream over a pot of hot water for 1 minute and stir chocolate cream till smooth and add 1 tsp vanilla extract, leave to cool.
Whisk 100g fresh topping cream together with 85 whipping cream till peak form (not too stiff) and fold into the chocolate cream with a hand whisk and put chocolate mousse in the fridge for few minutes till semi-set.

300g Fresh Topping cream - whip to peak form - for adding dark sweet cherries and covering the whole cake
1 small Canned Dark sweet cherries - drained

**Kirsch syrup - measure 150ml hot water with 50g sugar, still till sugar melted and leave to cool. Add in 1 tbsp of Kirschwasser (cherry liqueur) and mix well.

Assemble cake

Place the base of chocolate sponge on cake board and brush with some kirsch syrup.
Spread its top with whipped fresh cream and strew the dark sweet cherries over the fresh cream.
Place the 2nd layer of chocolate sponge on top of cherries, brush kirsch and spread semi-set chocolate mousse evenly on cake follow by the last slice of chocolate sponge with kirsch sugar syrup.
Finally spread whipped fresh cream all over the cake and decorate cake as desire or with red cherries on top of the cake and chocolate rice or flakes at the side.
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